“I’ve been stressing over my transmission ever since a scam transmission shop in Arizona charged me $3k for a rebuild, but they didn’t actually rebuild anything. They did a flush, which ruined an internal seal. So, for 3 years I’ve lived with a slipping transmission and not wanting to pay again for a tranny, since my car is 15 years old with 211k miles. The seal problem is bad in cold weather, so I was looking to make a new car purchase. Then I finally decided that this car was just not done yet, and I just needed to pay $3k for a REAL transmission job, and just get over the bad prior experience with the different shop.  Ok, just had to lay that out there, because I was looking at paying more for the transmission than the car was actually worth. I had already been BURNED, and $3k is a lot of money, period.  SO, thanks to Yelp, I found this shop and trusted the ratings, and made the call.

From the start, Mark was very courteous, professional, and responsive to my email request for a quote.  Just talking to him I started to feel more comfortable about getting this done.  (Side note – I called a local Acura dealer, and they were basically going to get the same tranny, but charge me about double. I’m so glad I continued shopping and found Mark.”

– J.S. Alexandria, VA